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Belly Dance for Fun & Fitness

Belly dance is a joyful, sensual and feminine style of dance, with roots in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa. The dance itself is actually rather inaccurately named as the movements mainly come from the hips and spine and not the belly. As well as being a wonderfully expressive form of dance it can help tone and strengthen the abdominals and thighs with its combination of shimmies, circles and drops. Belly dance is a captivating and expressive form of dance performed by women of all ages and is known for its sensuality and grace.

The music accompanying fitness belly dance is typically rhythmic and melodic, accentuating the dancer's movements. We dance to pop songs and have even had fun with a belly dance version of Michael Jackson's Thriller routine!

This is a very sociable and fun class where we don't take ourselves too seriously. No experience necessary.