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Posted 26/10/2019



Kapalabhati is a cleansing technique (Kriya) rather than a pranayama. It's name translates into kapala = skull and bhati = light and is sometimes referred to as skull shining breath. Kapalabhati is practiced by using the abdominal muscles to force the breath out then allowing the inhale to be passive and natural.

As kapalabhati is a warming and energising practice, it is useful at the start of the lesson as a way of preparing for the physical practice to follow.




  1. Start by sitting in a comfortable position, easy pose or hero's pose work well.

  2. Become aware of the breath and use the full yogic breath. Notice how your belly expands on the inhale and how your abdominal muscles feel on the exhale

  3. Take a few grounding breaths then use the abdominal muscles to force the exhalation, allowing a more passive inhale to naturally follow.

  4. Repeat for 10 rounds then return to normal nostril breathing




  • Detoxifying & energising for the mind/body

  • Cleanses the respiratory system

  • Strengthens and tones abdominal muscles

  • Brings warmth to the body

  • Increases oxygen to cells - helps purify blood

  • Improves digestion

  • Clears mind and focuses attention




  • Pregnancy

  • Abdominal injury/recent surgery or hernia

  • Gastric issues

  • Asthma


  • High blood pressure

  • Should stop practicing if lightheaded/dizziness is experienced



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